Our clubhouse has a variety of clubs that every member has the opportunity to participate in! These are our most well-known clubs and programs but we also offer many more throughout the year. 

Torch Club

Our Torch club teaches our members leadership skills and participates in many community events.  Our Torch club visits places like The Boys & Girls Club in Tucson to meet their Torch Club counterparts to learn about other activities to do in the community.  Money raised from Torch club will be donated to different charities and also a fun end of the year trip.

Teen Program
Our clubhouse isn't just for kids.  Our teen program runs Mondays and Wednesdays in our after school program.  In our teen program, Mr. Eric plans fun activities such as art projects, play different games in the gym, and participate in many different tournaments.  Our teen members also host mini fundraisers like popcorn and root beer float sales.  These fundraisers help contribute to things to add to the teen room, like new TVs or video games.  

Healthy Habits

Ms. Celeste and Ms. Anissa have been teaching the importance of healthy choices to our members in this yummy club. Every Monday, our staff and our members work hard to make healthy, tasty treats and serve them for snack on Tuesdays.


Mad Science

This year, Ms. Janneih taught the members how fun science can be! Once a week, she planned a fun experiment with our members and taught the science behind it

U of A Health & Nutrition
Nutritionists from the University of Arizona always pay a special visit to the club to teach important information about exercise and healthy living!


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